The first thing to decide when creating your design for a custom umbrella is the type of print effect you will want on your umbrellas.  Since we can make either logo umbrellas or fully custom umbrellas, your print design will decide how we produce your umbrellas.

These design questions will help you get started with your umbrella design:

  • Do you need a basic logo imprint umbrella or do I need to make a fully custom umbrella? If the answer to this question is yes, check our Quick Print options.
  • Do you want print on the inside of your umbrella or or the outside?
  • Do you want to print a graphic image or a photograph?
  • Do you want the print to cross the panels of the umbrella?
  • Do you want to have a pattern or a repeated logo on your umbrella?
  • Do you want to work with color fabrics as part of your design?
  • Do you need custom dyed fabrics or can you use our existing standard colors?

Once you have decided your design needs to be produced as a fully custom umbrella:

Select a template style from our templates section and start the process of creating your layout. If you want to see the available fabric colors visit our fully custom umbrellas page to see all of this links to help with your design process.

The layout of your print artwork will help us determine the best way to make your umbrella. For example, printing a photographic image across all eight panels of the umbrella would be more expensive than printing a repeating one color logo. So, the amount of print, type of print and the print coverage are all important to finalizing the cost of your umbrella. If you want to have a two layer umbrella, that will also add cost, so once we have your design concept, we can provide you with an estimate based on that design. Umbrellas are complex, so we need to consider all of the details of your design to provide an accurate estimate.

We love to answer questions about umbrella design, so don’t be shy, call us if you need more help creating a layout or deciding how to design your umbrella. If you prefer us to create the design we can do that too. Our design team creates umbrellas every day, and we would be happy to work with you to finalize your layout. 212-477-9373.

Artwork Formats for printing:

In general, if we are printing graphics on umbrellas, we would prefer Illustrator files, so that we can get a clean crisp print. We are able to use pantone colors in both our custom dyed fabrics and in our printing.  If you are working with photographic imagery, we will need high resolution Photoshop images, so that we can enlarge them enough to print well on an umbrella. Small, low resolution images can become fuzzy when enlarged to print, so the quality of the image will be important. If you are not sure about the resolution of your imagery give us a call to review it with you. We will always check files before printing, but sometimes it makes sense to review the resolution of your files during the design process.

Final Art:

If you create a layout using our templates in illustrator, we will follow those guidelines to create the screens  to print your umbrellas. Or if you prefer, our design team can create the final layouts for your umbrella design if you prefer.

Once you have a design concept for your umbrellas we can finalize the timing and costing to produce your order.  Feel free to contact us with any questions on how to design a printed umbrella.  We look forward to working with you.