Menu is focused entirely on creating great umbrellas

Our team has been designing and manufacturing quality custom umbrellas for over twenty years.  We create both promotional logo umbrellas and fully custom umbrellas from the fabric to the frame to the handle.

If you need umbrellas fast:

We created a self-service umbrella designer for our logo umbrellas.  All you have to do is select your umbrella style and color then upload your logo. We do the rest. We can even print a sample of your umbrella for approval if you would like  - - or we can go right to production of your logo umbrellas.
This is a great choice for smaller quantities or if you need fast logo umbrellas.

Quick Print Umbrellas Timing:

Our promotional logo umbrellas are in stock and ready for printing. We can print and ship all of our basic styles within ten days.

Fully Custom Manufactured Options when you have time to create exactly the custom umbrellas you want:

We are famous for full-service customization on all of our umbrella styles when you have the time to create a truly unique umbrella. If you are a designer, you can download our templates to create your custom umbrella layout. Or, if you prefer us to create your layout, our designers can create that layout for you. Just call us to discuss the specifics and we will assign an umbrella designer to your project: 212-477-9373
Fully custom umbrellas allow us to print on the interior layers and to create all over printed effects on our umbrellas. We can print photographs and full color artwork as well as print across seams. We also offer custom fabrics and custom handles for our umbrellas. You will be able to select fabric colors from our library of umbrella fabric colors or If you need a custom color fabric for your umbrella, we can dye your fabric to match your color with a minimum order of 1,200 umbrellas at no extra cost.
We offer private label services for custom umbrellas to create unique promotional umbrellas, or gift-with-purchase umbrellas tailored to your specific needs. 
Allow 90 days for fully custom options.

We create custom umbrellas on a variety of frame styles from traditional size umbrellas to compact and oversized golf frames

It will be important to review your goals, so we can provide the right guidance on your umbrella selection. Our team of design and production experts will make creating your custom umbrellas a hassle free experience.

If you would like to see a sample of one of our fully custom umbrellas, call our team to discuss your design ideas and we will be happy to share a sample that will make sense for your project: 212-477-9373.  Our custom umbrellas are produced to order, and we sell to our customers wholesale only.  
See our FAQ section about our Fully Custom Umbrellas.